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How to Use CBD Oil for Pain

Many users have questions regarding how to use CBD oil for pain. CBD oil has become an effective tool for pain management. It has several therapeutic benefits like medical marijuana. Since it has no psychoactive effects, it is considered safe for use by everyone. That means patients won’t feel high in the manner when they take medical marijuana.

CBD or cannabidiol is derived from cannabis, extracted predominantly from the hemp plant. Since it is derived from plant sources, some consider it a far safer option to use instead of pain killers. As a potential user, you should know that CBD comes under the same regulations as medical marijuana.

What kind of pain can you treat with CBD Oil?

CBD oil is used mainly to reduce pain and anxiety related to stress. As a result, you will start feeling good about yourself because it acts as a mood enhancer. With the pain gone, you feel comfortable and this improves your appetite.

However, CBD is used most commonly to treat some kind of chronic pain, which is otherwise difficult to manage as it keeps coming back. Constant medication to control it could have adverse effects on the body. Here are the reasons for which you can use CBD and how to use CBD oil for pain. 

1. Migraines and Chronic Headaches

Persistent headaches can leave you feeling low, preventing you from performing to your fullest capacity. CBD can treat headaches and lower the intensity of pain. You will get rid of persistent headaches and will not feel the need to take pain killers.

2. Arthritis

CBD is very effective for reducing swelling and inflammation and the pain associated with it. Pain in the joints can prevent you from moving about freely. Since arthritis is a degenerative condition, the pain refuses to go away and the joints continue to deteriorate. The bones tend to rub against each other that causes friction and pain. Both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can be painful. CBD can be a powerful pain treatment.

3. Sleep Disorders

The pain can prevent you from leading a normal life and it can prevent you from enjoying a night of restful sleep. CBD oil can reduce stress and pain and allow you to fall asleep and complete your sleep cycle. Research has shown that its positive effects on REM sleep disorder and insomnia. It can also reduce the intensity of sleep apnea and those who suffer from nightmares induced by PTSD also find relief.

4. Multiple Sclerosis

Those inflicted with this illness suffer from pain and spasms frequently and it hinders their mobility. The protective covering of the nerves is damaged by the immune system and eventually, there are discrepancies in the way in which the brain communicates with the rest of the body. As a result, the patient might suffer from impaired coordination along with pain and fatigue. Chronic symptoms hardly ever go away but CBD oil helps immensely with pain management.

How to Use CBD Oil for Pain? 

There are different types of CBD oils available from various brands. You should check the ingredients and analyze the nature of the pain to determine which would work the best for you. There are several methods of taking the oil and in certain cases, the oil is mixed with other natural extracts and essential oils to increase its effectiveness. It is used to increase focus and helps the patients to relax.

You can CBD oil in many variants. Here is how you could take it.


If you take CBD orally, there are a couple of ways of taking it.


CBD oil is available in capsule format. The oil comes inside a capsule which you can consume as a pill. You simply have to wash it down with water. It is also available in a cartridge form and you can vaporize it.

Adding CBD to food or beverage

You can add CBD oil to the food or beverage you are taking. The number of factors will determine how long will it take for the body to absorb the oil from the bloodstream and start showing its effect on the pain. The factors include your weight, your metabolism rate, and the food you ate before taking CBD. It could take anywhere between 15 minutes to 2 hours for the CBD to show its effects.

Sublingual intake

You can take the CBD sublingually, by putting the CBD oil under your tongue. If you research how to use CBD oil for pain, you will find this method has one of the quickest action times. The active ingredients present in CBD are directly absorbed by the body and the effects can be seen in ten to twenty minutes. The taste will require some getting used to but the quick effects are a great reason for many to put up with it.


The topical application of CBD oil is also known to be quite effective. You can apply the oil directly on the areas where you experience pain or you could mix it with a body lotion. It will help in treating stiff joints and the resulting pain. It will also reduce redness and inflammation to a remarkable extent. Therapeutic salves infused with CBD are also available and they are meant for direct application.

What is the right dose of CBD?

If you want to know about how to use CBD oil for pain relief, you have to know about the right dosage. This can be a little bit of trial and error but since CBD contains no THC, it is safe to experiment with the dosage. It is still advisable to start small. So you would have begun with 2.5 mg or 5 mg of THC, then you could start with 15 to 20 mg of CBD for oral administration.

You need to go very slow in the beginning. Check how long does it take for the CBD to work and for how long do the effects stay. Once the effect starts wearing off, you can take another dose. If you have to increase the dose, do so in increments of 5 mg.

With CBD oil, you are sure to experience a better and more pain-free life. Source your CBD from a good retailer and be ready to enjoy life all over again.

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