Hemp for Dogs

Hemp is increasingly being considered as a major remedy for dogs and pet parents are very happy to find this alternative to medications. Although dogs are our biggest stress busters, they can get quite stressed themselves.

Hemp for dogs is perfectly fine because although it is a cannabis plant, it does not contain THC. Hence, it will not induce any psychoactive effects that might be harmful to your pet canine. Hemp is packed with a lot of nutrients and compounds and your dog can achieve a lot from it.

Here is how Hemp for Dogs Improve their Health

1. Presence of Omega Fatty Acid

Like humans, pets too can benefit from Omega fatty acids. Even if you cannot get access to this nutrient from seafood sources, you can use hemp-derived Omega fatty acid. It can provide the dogs with almost the perfect ratio of 3:1, with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.

With Omega 3,

  • The dog can enjoy healthy skin and fur
  • It enhances hip and joint health and promotes flexibility and comfort
  • It can also enhance their immune system and promote heart health.

2. Increase Energy and Vitality

Hemp for dogs is a rich source of Gamma-Linolenic Acid or GLA which is very important for animal health. It supports many major bodily functions and increases the strength of hip and joint muscles. It can also give relief from many digestive issues, and keep away trouble with mobility once they are older.

With GLA,

  • The dog will have moisturized skin
  • It will take care of digestive problems and keep weight gain in check
  • It will promote cell health and will strengthen the immune system of the pets

3. Rich source of Minerals, Vitamins, and Minerals

Hemp is a great source of protein, and as a result, is a great source of almost all kinds of amino acids as well. Very few plant sources can claim that. It is also a rich source of Vitamin E, so helps with your pet’s overall nourishment. All these combined will provide all-around protection for your dog and will keep many age-related problems at bay.

4. Helps in Reducing Anxiety

Dogs can suffer from anxiety if they are separated from their owners. Maybe they are put in daycare because the owner cannot take the dog with them when they are away for a while or they have to go on a vacation where they cannot take the dog. They can also suffer from phobia if they are too sensitive and get startled by the noise.

Your adopted puppy may have had a traumatic past and might be suffering from PTSD. Panic disorders in pets are not good things as too much of it can affect them psychologically. With hemp for dogs, you can keep anxiety at bay without having to rely on anti-depressants.

5. May Help in Fighting Cancer

CBD is known to have an anti-tumor effect, that is, it can stop tumor cells from growing fast and may even reverse the size of the tumor. You can include hemp for dogs in their diet to prevent cancer. It can help with,

  • Increasing immunity and kill cancer cells
  • It can slow down glioma cell growth
  • It can also help in increasing the effectiveness of ongoing cancer treatment

6. Helps in Controlling Seizures

About 5% of the canine population suffers from seizures induced by epilepsy. Although drugs containing potassium bromide and Phenobarbital are given to them, they do not always work well and long term exposure to these drugs might start affecting their liver. With full-spectrum hemp for dogs CBD, you can see a marked reduction in seizures in less than six months.

7. Can Reduce the Intensity of Pain and Inflammation

Dogs suffer from pain and inflammation too. They are meant to jump and play around but pain and swelling can prevent them from doing that. As a result, they feel dejected and cannot enjoy their life to the fullest. With hemp for dogs, you can give them a perfect quality of life and they can be your constant pain buddy. Hemp for dogs helps in reducing:

  • Nerve related pain and neuropathy
  • Swelling from pancreatitis
  • General inflammation
  • Pain from premature aging
  • Inflammation in intestine
  • Inflammation from bowel disease like colitis

Bottom Line

Besides, hemp for dogs can also prevent nausea and improve appetites in dogs, along with preventing several forms of autoimmune diseases. It has a plethora of benefits that will help your dog live a long and happy life. Consult your vet if you want to start your dog on CBD or hemp for dogs and they will be able to advise you about dosage and other aspects of hemp for dogs.

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