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CBD Oil in Texas

CBD oil is available in Texas along with a wide range of other hemp-derived products. CBD has gained a lot of attention in the past couple of years because of its therapeutic benefits. It is known to help with pain management and is also good for alleviating stress and anxiety.

The widespread sale of CBD oil in Texas came to happen after it was made legal for sale and use in June 2019. As long as the product contained less than 0.3% THC, it could be sold in Texas, along with several other states of the United States

CBD oil users and manufacturers alike, along with businesses and experts had lauded the move. Hemp was excluded from the controlled substance list and that has made the hemp-derived product a lot more accessible to the general public.

Why wasn’t CBD Oil legal in Texas before?

Although CBD has many beneficial elements, because of its origins in marijuana and hemp, the two most foremost kinds of cannabis plants, many were apprehensive about its usage. The general idea was that it could induce psychoactive effects, causing the user to feel high or become imbalanced. However, only marijuana can produce this effect and not hemp. Hemp-derived CBD has a very low percentage of THC, which is the main element that could cause psychoactive effects.

Is CBD Oil in Texas Legal?

Yes, now CBD oil is legal in Texas, provided it is derived from hemp. The state has given the green light to sell CBD in the state without a prescription as long as it has THC lower than 0.3%.

The Compassionate Use Act for Epileptic Patients

While the sale of CBD with more than 0.3% THC is not legal for sale without prescription, some considerations have been made for those who do need higher levels of THC. Since possession of cannabis was decriminalized after 1973, it was just considered a misdemeanor rather than a felony.

However, with the condition of epileptic patients in mind, it is allowed that they can use CBD with THC of 0.5%. This is only for those who need a higher percentage of CBD to feel the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

No Testing in Texas

Although CBD oil in Texas is now legal, many aspects of the law are quite vague. Any cannabis product with more than 0.3% THC is labeled marijuana in Texas but at the same time, there is no specific body in place to test the CBD product to check if they are meeting the norms.

So, there is no way of knowing whether the product you are using has THC more than 0.3% or not unless of course, the pack says so. However, labels can be wrongly printed too and law enforcement can book you if they like.

Be careful of where you buy CBD from

The Department of Agriculture is now recommending random testing to ensure that the benchmarks are met. Till then, CBD users in Texas need to be very careful about who they are buying CBD oil in Texas from. Try not to buy products from cannabis markets where you do not know the manufacturer. Only buy from a reputed brand and make sure that there is a website you can refer to. Brands that proclaim that their products are the third party tested are the most reliable.

Many unscrupulous manufacturers sell poor quality CBD which is tainted with metals, pesticides or is impure. They could have high THC and the impurities could give rise to allergies and infections. Having such products would be a liability as you could get into trouble with the law and also end up falling sick.


With some research and caution, you can use CBD oil in Texas without worries. Just check the background of the manufacturer and use it in optimum doses to enjoy its benefits.

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