cbd oil in Florida

CBD Oil in Florida

CBD Oil in Florida : CBD or Cannabidiol is an active compound found in the cannabis plant like hemp or marijuana. Hemp-derived CBD is effective in reducing pain and discomfort, along with controlling stress and anxiety, without causing any psychoactive effects which are often associated with cannabis plants.

While the earlier sale of CBD was restricted in many states across the US, you can now buy and use hemp-derived CBD oil in Florida, along with medical marijuana for patients who require higher levels of THC in their CBD oil.

When did the change happen?

The change came about after the Hemp Farming Act was passed in 2018. The act provided the states with the power to legislate and make a framework for hemp and hemp-derived products. Policymakers in Florida have since then created some new laws regarding the cultivation of industrial hemp and the production and sale of hemp-derived CBD. Apart from a few details that need to be finalized, the laws are mostly in place.

As of now, CBD is legal in Florida if it is extracted from hemp plants with less than 0.3% THC. Those who are registered medical marijuana patients will have access to CBD oil products with a greater percentage of CBD.

CBD Laws in Florida

The CBD laws in Florida have undergone some changes in the last several years. In 2014, Florida had approved the SB130, which had legalized low-THC CBD oil for those who qualified as medical marijuana patients, registering with the state program.

The first tentative program made it legal for cancer patients, and those with a history of muscle spasms and seizures to control pain and anxiety, along with those suffering from any kind of terminal illness. These patients experience more stress and anxiety because of their condition and need larger doses.

In 2016, Amendment 2 was approved by the voters of the state. It did not allow for smokable forms of marijuana. The Florida Court also decided to pull down the ban on smokable marijuana. In March 2019, SB 182 was passed and medical marijuana patients have access to medical cannabis that contains both THC and CBD.

CBD-specific laws have also been evolving simultaneously with the medical marijuana program. SB 182 is one of the most important laws in Florida that introduced some key changes.

To be able to grow and process hemp and hemp extracts, like CBD oil in Florida, any person or business has to apply for a state license. They must also be tested by an independent licensed laboratory which will have to ascertain that the product does not contain THC more than 0.3% and does not have any form of contaminants or impurities.

CBD Possession Limits in Florida

At present, there are no limits on how much CBD can a person possess in Florida. Those who are registered as medical marijuana patients and have a physician’s recommendation can also purchase up to four ounces of cannabis, but only from state-licensed dispensaries. Others interested in buying CBD must take note of the manufacturer and retailer and avoid buying CBD from cannabis markets.

Bottom Line

You can use CBD oil in Florida legally provided the product does not contain more than 0.3% THC and the product is checked for impurities.

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