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Is CBD Oil Addictive?

cbd oil

The daily health benefits of CBD are being discovered every day. It has shown positive results for pain management and has anti-inflammatory properties. It has also been effective in controlling seizures and can reduce anxiety levels to a considerable degree. In the US, hemp-derived CBD has been made legal, subject to strict restrictions in terms …

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Does CBD Oil Get you High?

CBD oil bottle with leaf

The answer to the question that Does CBD oil get you high?, lies in the difference between CBD and THC. Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the most well-known cannabinoids, out of the 500 other compounds from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The other well-known cannabinoid is the Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which produces strong psychoactive effects. THC can …

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CBD Oil for Cats

cbd oil for cats

Pet owners sometimes have a concern about the anxiety of their pets. Cats, more than any other pets, have anxiety issues. For some cats, something big has to happen to create anxiety but some cats get anxious very easily. This can cause great anxiety in the pets and if pets are not okay, then the …

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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil


Full-spectrum hemp oil is meant to refer to the pure oil that is extracted from hemp. It is extracted following all the strict industrial norms and has the same cannabinoids and compounds that are found in the original hemp plant. Synthetic or isolated cannabinoids do not contain all the compounds of cannabinoids whereas full-spectrum hemp …

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